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Fraud Protection You Can Trust

Using sophisticated algorithms and real-time detection solutions, we help our clients effectively prevent check fraud and payments fraud.

SQN Banking Systems

SQN Banking Systems’ fraud detection software products are a critical step towards overcoming the growing problem of fraud across various payment channels. We also offer automated signature verification software to ensure smoother, real-time check fraud detection and more integrated fraud detection for you and your customers. And our hosted solutions provide industry-leading fraud prevention, save you time, money and server space, and help you and your customers feel at ease knowing that their banking information is protected by experienced fraud detection experts.

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SENTRY: Fraud Suite

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Fraud Protection and Automation

Learn More About Our Fraud Protection and Automation Services

Don’t let fraud affect your bottom line.

Check fraud continues to have a major impact on financial institutions. According to the Info Security Media Group, 63% of banks reported check fraud losses last year. You need solutions that help you find fraudulent checks before an item gets paid. Once the money is gone, it is much harder to recover.

Let SQN Banking Systems protect you.

SQN Banking Systems has been in the fraud prevention business since 1983. Our customers catch up to 91% of fraud attempts before suffering a loss. We offer a comprehensive line of powerful applications to combat check fraud and streamline payment processing operations. Each application can work independently or as a part of a complete system that compares signatures, check images, behavioral patterns in deposits and credits, official checks and safe deposit management.

Take control of fraud with the protection you need.

For more than 25 years, SQN Banking Systems has provided the essential ingredients for integrated fraud detection and process improvement products for the financial industry. The SENTRY suite includes software designed to help you prevent fraud and offer a more secure environment for your customers. Take a look at the protection we can offer you…

  • Workflow Software
  • Image Fraud Analysis
  • Signature Verification
  • Transaction Fraud Analysis
  • Official Check Verification
  • Safe Deposit Management
  • Document Management
  • Conversion Services

Ask Us About…

Check Fraud Detection

Stop check fraud by scanning for alterations, forgeries, and pattern anomalies.

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Hosted Solutions

Improve security and savings with cloud-based solutions hosted on remote servers.

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Managed Fraud Services

Use staff augmentation to improve your financial crimes investigation process.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Minimize losses and mitigate effects with customized cyber intelligence services.

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Image-based Positive Pay

Eliminate unauthorized ACH debits on accounts with positive pay products.

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Payee Name Extraction

Extract payee names to create custom reports or for data mining purposes.

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Signature Verification

Scan signatures on digital documents and flag suspicious items for review.

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Subscription-based Pricing

Protect your financial institution from fraud while minimizing upfront costs.

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Your Complete Guide to Check Fraud

How to Identify Different Types of Check Fraud Before It Harms Your Bank

Check fraud takes many forms, from forging signatures to chemical alterations to generating fake checks. Sometimes scam artists target individuals in their schemes, but even more often, they commit fraud on businesses — one study indicates businesses lose about 5% of their revenue to fraud every year.